Monday, October 01, 2012


We're through September. Done.  Ok, now we're into a routine, and I'm juggling a whole bunch of far, so good.  For God's sake, just don't drop anything!

Thing 1: My little girl who's still just little wee.  And my other not-so wee but still little girl.
Thing 2: BeetleBarrow Books with Chandra Rice.  We have four workshops this fall, and now doing home and birthday parties! (very excited about that)
Thing 3: Career development. I have the opportunity now to investigate "If I were to go back to work, where would that be?"
Thing 4: ReverseStitch BRANDING and Selling. Wow.  Yeah. 
Thing 5: ReverseStitch MAKING

These are all important Things.  I endeavour to be one of those women who, in a year or so, look back and say, yeah, I raised my kids, ran my house, and made groovy things for the world.  Whoo!  Confetti Party ensues!

HA!  Like I said, just trying to keep all the balls of Things in the air.

Upshot to all this jumble of Things, is that my sweet husband Ted just brought me hot chocolate at 9:45pm here in my studio...with whipped cream.

My white board also helps.  But not as much as the hot chocolate I MUST say, at this very moment.  It's incredible how it's cleared my thougths!

Also, my lovely Sisters Three who I had lunch with on Sunday.  They can be somewhat overwhelming when we're all together, but this lunch was just what I needed.  I came in with Ted and my 2 fabulous kids, feeling all overwhelmed, God knows why, (seriously, I have no idea, I just WAS) and within one minute of being there, told one of them to shut-up.  So rude! I never do that!  Ok, time-out Linds.  So I went to the ladies room, and took a moment.  Quiet.  Calm down.  I came out, apologized to my unfazed older sister, and while we were all catching up and making a rukus, I pulled out my new little Tiny Book Pendants to show them, as well as some Paperclips and Magnets I made from fabric covered buttons. (They're still in development, so not on my Etsy store yet)  They ooo'd and ahhh'd, tried them on and gave me great wonderful glowy smiles of love and encouragement.  We talked about marketing and styles, and they just surrounded me with everything I needed.  I love them so much, and I'm so grateful to have them as sisters.  I hope they know that.  I hope that I tell them that enough.

In reflecting on my Family: my husband, kids, sisters, parents...friends-that-are-like-family, it occurs to me that they are the reason I can juggle all those Things successfully.

Thanks guys.  I love you.