Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Check! DONE!

I finished my secret quilt!  Ta da!
Wow, what a terrible picture.  It's because I took the picture from my stairs and my go-go-gadget arms are in the shop.  It really is square. really.

I hope my Dad finds it peacful and snuggly. 

Check!  Done.

I swear, Christmas imposes such pressure to get something done, and done WELL.  When I give a gift, especially my Secret Santa present, I want it to be cathartic.  I've realized this about myself.  And that is not good.  It's crippling.  So when I was spending hours trying to quilt some kind of a line around each leaf and FAILING, then picking out those lines, my husband Ted intervened, "It's done.  Let it be finished." I was reminded of George Lucas saying, "films don't get released...they escape"