Saturday, January 07, 2012

365 #1: Framed dinner menu

I remember a professor of mine in art school saying "the activity is the important part".  So I'm doing something creative every day, the "365 Project".

So yesterday, I was trying to decipher the grocery list which doubles as our weekly menu.  What happens is, my husband and I discuss what we want to have for dinners and all other meals for the week, he records all the ingredients he needs to buy, and off he goes to the grocery store.  Items are scratched off as they're put into the cart, but become a little bit difficult to read as each evening came around and I begin to make dinner.  Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I spent an hour yesterday afternoon making this:

A collage of frames with colourfully designed paper behind the glass.  One quick stop at the stationary store for a dry-erase marker, and each frame get written on it whatever we're having for dinner each day.  My girl is all over this, and is making sure I hang it where she can reach it.

Of course, our kitchen is freshly painted, so I'm being very precious about where I hang things.  Gotta BE SURE before I mess up the pristine walls.  Aaaaaaand this is why this project is so important to me; because I easily over-think things, but I feel so good when things appear from under my hands.  I feel like myself.  Even when it's just putting paper in frames.